Joseph Charles EP

by Joseph Charles

Hold me Like you did Hold me Strap me in your arms Hold me Don't let go Hold me My shadow, my friend Hold me like you did before Don't forget Your own name I know It's been so long كيف أكتب اسمي
Let me see them sharp fangs I'll get the pliers for some help We'll make sure they're all gone I'll pull them all out one by one Please don't fidget your head I'll get rid of the teeth you need I know it hurts real bad But sometimes we just have to bleed Let me see them Let me see them fangs Let me see them Let me see those pretty sharp fangs I think you look much better Without those deadly little things To let them bite on my skin Ready to make a mark in me I tried to change you so much But you just keep growing them back I'll just wire your jaw shut So that I can feel safe at last Let me change you Let me change you dear Let me change you Let me change you my darling dear
You're the cause I'm going insane You had to start To ruin everything I think all day I think all night Am I someone who I like Start to yell Shake the walls that makes this our loving house be sure to not let it fall down Are we friends Or are we enemies I'll draw the line Right in front of me I'll push and shove I'll scream and shout I'll be sure to let you out There's the blood Of my beating heart in your Numbing hands Be sure to not tear it apart You were my love...
I sleep With the TV screen on Helping Your terrible habit We lie With our backs side by side I dream Of a bed I share alone Bless Me With the holy water Cleansing All the sin we bathe in Grandma I'm so sorry for her I know I'll always be your young boy I see you cry alone at night While I do the same thing inside
Just Tell Me 03:10
Don't hold my hand anymore I know where you hide the monster inside Remember when we had good times They're not there Can you take back what you said, dear No you can't I have the will, I have the right To let you go You have your eyes, you have your glow To draw me back Don't hold my hand anymore I know where you hide the monster inside


With vocals that could fit in the era of post-rcok and emerging indie scene of the late nineties and 2000s, stripped to this lone musical attribute and the work is iconic. No singer’s voice lives in a vaccuum, Joseph Charles has chosen to hone the lo-fi ambience into it’s own driving aspect of the movie. As though a painter had a brush that led to the most amazing smudges.
The driving drone counterbalances the retro vocals and leads the listener quickly through this brief EP.


released November 11, 2014

Written, arranged, and produced by Joseph Charles.
Photo Credit: Anastasia Marie Smith


all rights reserved



CLLCTIVE RECORDS Milwaukee, Wisconsin

independent net-label from Milwaukee WI,
We provide, support, and embrace artists whose passion for music and the creative process are evident. People who are compelled to make the work they do. We do this because we must. Same as breathing, eating, or sleeping. To survive this life. Thank you for taking the time to explore our world of ideas. -
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