Something Good

from by Atlas Lab



"Wake Up Slow" is the opening track off Atlas Lab's official debut. The band made a conscious decision to release an "all new" song for their fans who had enjoyed their previous effort which was a three track demo. Atlas Lab opted to keep 3 song off of their demo and have them appear revamped on "Wake Up Slow." One thing I can say about "Wake Up Slow." It's been a long time coming and I personally have been patiently awaiting the release of this EP. There are no "Rock Stars" or ego driven personalities within Atlas Lab. They are a band in every sense of the word. More and more in the present day it seems the "idea" of actually having a band with 3-5 members or more is becoming few and far between. I love the classic organic sense of song development that is heard throughout "Wake Up Slow." It's as though you can tell each and every one of these songs started with nothing more than a little guitar riff or a bass groove; springing in to an ocean of dark lite all nite diners, where the silence has set in and the band with it's gear has long packed up and headed towards their next tour stop. Yet the reflector re appears and throbs as a winded panther. The relentless throb of "Wake Up Slow" is very apparent, however for Atlas Lab's lead singer Solei; outliving the shadow of her massively successful debut with Goldbloc is an increasingly difficult task.
She manages to be the strongest instrument on every song on "Wake Up Slow." Her voice making you feel so at home, yet so alone. The kind of girl that could tell you she's going to kill you and you still hold her hand. Atlas Lab rides a fine line of the classic bar band MO with the classic rock instrumentation: guitar, drums, bass. When I think about it there are so many great vocalists out there that just simply need the right band to be paired up with. This is a storybook memo. Bold as it may seem to say; Solei is the reason you'll listen to Atlas Lab's Wake Up Slow." Fact. Her instrument is as profound as the song itself and cuts through every chance it has. "Wake Up Slow" I admit, doesn't have the instant pop success appeal that Goldbloc had. One thing it is chalk full of; SOUL and hope. Feeling it your veins as you remember who you were before you became who you are.


when i was a young man
i tried most everything
to find a way to make mistakes
but that was all a waste
i found my feet in your summer time
the city it was awake
i turned to those
who had a glow
who seem to have seen something

something good
something good

well the light was fading fast
and the wind was gathering
i couldn't say no, no i didn't know
they told me child, be open and grow
and know man, you might find

something good
something good
something good
something good
something good


from Wake Up Slow, released January 22, 2016
SOLEI - vocals, looping
JOHN SHAKESPEAR - guitar, keyboard, vocals
SAMM BAHMAN - guitar, bass, vocals
ALEX BRANDER - drums, percussion, samples

NORA BOREALIS - violin (track 4)
VERONICA WILSON - cello (track 4)

All songs written by Atlas Lab

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by: Nikos Voyager
Pause-it Studios - Dedham, MA

Mastered By: Chris Graham Mastering

Album Cover Art by: Solei, and Samm Bahman

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